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Kelly Odell on Change, Leadership and Motivation

Kelly captivates audiences with his entertaining style, his earthy wisdom and his strong grasp of cutting edge research on motivation, leadership and employee engagement. His warmth and commitment generates a genuine connection with audiences of any size from 10 people to thousands. Kelly has more than 30 years experience in the global business environment and has held positions President of Telia Mobile, Sweden, Swedish Country Manager for Whirlpool Corporation, and Vice President of Sales at Volvo Cars, Sweden, to name a few. Meet Kelly Odell, Swedish-American who was named one of Sweden’s most influential foreigners by the Swedish business Magazine Veckans Affärer (Business Week).

His lectures are packed with stories from real life and he has been called the master of metaphors for his ability to use practical everyday examples to clarify complex situations.

What is Kelly’s message?

Kelly’s focus is always on the human side of organizational life and helping people understand the various roles they play in the organization both as leaders and employees.

– His main topics are: Human Leadership, Change Management, and Job Satisfaction.

In Human Leadership Kelly addresses some of our deepest held “truths” about leadership and turns them inside out. He brings modern management theory to life with real life examples and a great deal of humor. Kelly presents his Ten Commandments for Leaders based on his popular book “The Human Way”. He gives practical tips and inspiration on how ordinary people can become extraordinary leaders.

In Change – Are you sailing with the winds of change or just getting blown around? he gives insight Ledarskap föreläsningon how to achieve lasting change in the real world, and how you can belong to the few who truly succeed with their change initiatives. Change is difficult, and most change initiatives fail to achieve their goals primarily because they focus too much on tasks and too little on the behavioural elements of change. In this lecture Ten Commandments for Change he provides insight into the challenges people and organizations face and how they can stop going through the motions and start creating real improvements in their business.


In his lecture Job Satisfaction: For better and for worse, Kelly delivers an insightful and humorous presentation on how employees can get more out of their work and their lives.

It’s no secret that many people see their work as a necessary evil. But research shows that those who are engaged in their work are both happier and significantly more productive and creative. Kelly leaves the audience inspired, entertained and with a greater sense of their own power to create and live the life they want to live.

For his lectures Kelly has received numerous awards including The Speaker of the Decade by Transfer, a charitable organization that provides speakers to students of secondary schools and unemployed adults in job transition programs.