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7 Jun 2006

I Believe

Many years ago in College one of the assignments we were asked to do was to prepare a “Kleine Credo” or little belief system. The assignment was to write a short essay of no more than 1-2 pages describing our personal religious beliefs. It wasn’t a strange assignment since I was in a class on New Testament theology while working on a degree in Religion. ( I won’t bore you with the contents of that Kleine Credo.)

Many years later I was asked to speak to a group of employees who were going to be representing our company at a large trade show. The organizers asked me to talk about how to meet customers and give them good service. It occurred to me that it might help to remind these colleagues of just how important the work we do at our company really is and I decided to write a new Kleine Credo expressing my own opinions about the Telecom industry. Since then I have shown this for groups of people in all industries. If you cannot see how your industry is contributing to making the world a better place my recommendation is to change industry! What do you believe?

I Believe…

I believe that global competition promotes world peace.

I believe the telecom industry contributes significantly to world trade creating better opportunities to improve the quality of life for people around the world.

I believe the telecom industry facilitates better communication and greater understanding between people around the world.

I believe that we are all important members of a large group of people from around the world who have decided to cooperate in order to create these values, to create better world!

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