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6 Jul 2009

Ten Commandments of Change

I. Remember that change is inevitable.

II. Change is in itself neither good nor bad! Some changes affect us positively, some negatively and some not at all.

III. There are primarily three types of change:
a. Those changes we initiate ourselves
b. Those changes we did not initiate but over which we have great influence
c. Those changes we did not initiate and over which we have little or no control

IV. You control your destiny! Although we cannot always directly influence change we can influence on how the change affects our lives through our attitudes and actions.

V. The Paradox of Change: The outcome of change is difficult to foresee. Sometimes those changes that appear to be most negative in the short-term bring the most long-term benefit and those changes that seem most desirable in the short-term are not necessarily best for us in the long-term.

VI. Therefore, never initiate change simply for the sake of change! Change should only be initiated when absolutely necessary with a real desire to make things better!

VII. The three fundamental questions driving change:
a. Where am I now? (It is ok to be happy where you are!)
b. Where do I want to be? (You don’t necessarily have to change anything!)
c. How do I get there? (Go back and re-think the first two points before developing your plan of action!)

VIII. Base you decisions on facts. Intuition is better than no information at all but facts are always better.

IX. Don’t worry if you don’t succeed the first time. Change is difficult but it is never too late to try again!

X. Be persistent! Those who succeed are not those who never fail, they are the ones who never give up!

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