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4 May 2006

The World’s Shortest Marketing Plan Version 2.1

I am learning everyday about the power of the digital universe. A couple weeks ago I published my “World’s Shortest Marketing Plan” where I gave myself the challenge of making a marketing plan template that was reasonably comprehensive and could fit on a single powerpoint page. This was my reaction to many of the marketing plan templates I have seen and worked with that are just to long and complicated to get your arms around even as a seasoned marketer and damn near impossible for a novice.

My short template got some attention on my blog and then I got an email from Guy Kawasaki, one of the true business blog gurus. Guy suggested that we adapt my template with a new version of the 4Ps created by another blogger named John Sviokla. John’s 5Ps do a great job bringing Kotler into the digital universe. His blog is well worth the read!

In short Guy improved the content of Kelly’s blog by adapting it with content from John’s blog.

Following is the new hybrid! Let me know what you think and do take a look at Guy and John’s blogs!

To view a word document version click here.

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  1. Kelly, I found out about your “World’s Shortest Marketing Plan” by following the link from Guy Kawasaki’s post – very cool stuff and it couldn’t be more timely as I’m working to develop a marketing plan for both my services and a client’s new product release. Thanks!

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